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‘Dexterity Plus’ Boss Speaks Of How He Jettisoned Medicine For ‘Events Decor’

...Favour Essang, the big boss at 'Dexterity Plus'...

Have you too heard about Dexterity Plus? It is an events styling and decoration firm and is one of the top players in the business in Nigeria.

Located in Bodija in Ibadan, Dexterity Plus, in the past one decade, has dazzled event goers and planners alike, with stunning decors.

Though based in Ibadan, the 11 year old firm operates in and outside the country.

Speaking recently on the journey to where the firm is today, its CEO, Favour Essang, said the business is a product of passion, determination and stubbornness.

He, however, added that his father’s strong dislike for decoration business was part of the reason why he was determined to succeed in it.

Essang, speaking recently on a CEO Africa talk show, “Meet our African CEO”, said that his dad who was a security operative, punished him for years for taking to the decoration business.

The tough father wanted Essang to study Medicine, but he found joy in decoration, something he learnt and picked up from his mother

He said: “When my dad learnt I was into decoration, he sent me out of the house. I went to stay with a friend and when he discovered that the friend was harbouring me, he went there and threatened him to evict me. So, I ended up living in the church for two months”

He continued: “My dad wanted me to study Medicine but I had nothing for Medicine. All I wanted to do was events décor. So, all through my stay in the University of Ibadan, my dad didn’t spend a dime on my education”

The Information Science graduate said he went on with his passion, spurred on by his mother, and today, is grateful for all that happened.

Asked if he held any grudge against his father, Essang said: “I don’t have anything against him. He remains my father. In fact I am grateful to him because his actions toughened me”.

On other challenges he faced while climbing the ladder of success, Essang stressed that challenges are inevitable in business as it is in life generally. He said everyone who wants to succeed must weather the storm.

“Every business is lucrative, there is no need switching from business to business. Be focused, determined, consistent and ready to endure harsh times” the young CEO stressed.

He added: “When I was building Dexterity Plus, I was made to see how such a venture cannot thrive anywhere apart from Abuja and Lagos. But I was determined and was ready to prove that you can make it anywhere. Today, the company is based in Ibadan and is being called for jobs across Nigeria and even outside the country”

Dexterity Plus has about 100 full time and part time employees, and Essang says a lot of other decoration businesses are passing through him, something he is very proud of.

He called on the government to encourage young entrepreneurs by giving them recognition that would spur them to do more.

“I am not saying give them money. Just an appreciation or recognition that will keep them motivated for up to 10 years” he explained.

Credit: ceoafrica.com

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