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Parrot Talk: 82 Billion Naira Challenge For Dangote, Will He Accept To Play Game?

Dr Aliko Dangote
Dr Aliko Dangote

The recent ‘hand-play’ by some power players in the Nigerian government involving a top civil servant who allegedly toyed with a whopping sum of N82b has thrown our Parrots into another session of mischief.

You can imagine! They are now asking respected richest man in Africa, Dr Aliko Dangote to take up a challenge!

Dear reader, we are sure you are wondering what the ‘challenge’ is… We will tell you if you pledge not to tell anybody that Parrots started it…

Well, during Parrots’ last editorial meeting, one of them alluded to an interview of Dr Dangote aired widely some years ago when he talked about the day he wanted to confirm that he was a ‘true millionaire’…

Yes, you can remember the interview too? The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Dangote Group said he asked his unnamed bank manager to bring a sum of one million naira to him and he took it home in the trunk of his car. On getting home, he counted and counted and felt that rush of happiness that he was indeed, truly, a millionaire!

Now the challenge? Parrots wondered if the gentle Nigerian economic giant will agree to order his bankers to bring the sum of N82 billion to his Lagos or Abuja home for him to count and count…

“After all, mere civil servants now gather money and build houses with raw cash. Some keep cash inside sceptic tanks, water tanks, seat on naira-stuffed sofas and do all sorts of things. Some even have underground storages for raw cash”, gushed our Parrots.

Anyway, will the extremely hard-working Dangote agree to order for N82 billion to be counted? This challenge na small challenge or what do you think?

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