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Need To Support Rep-Members Seeking Change To Parliamentary System

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...map of Nigeria

During the week, about 60 members of the House of Representatives took the bull by horn by calling for a rather radical amendment to the 1999 Constitution to transition from the current presidential system to the parliamentary system of government.

According to reports, the group of lawmakers was led by a parliamentarian representing Lagos State under the All Progressives Congress, Wale Raji.

They identified the need for reducing the cost of government, and robust policy debates among others as some of the reasons for demanding a return to the parliamentary system.

This development needs to be closely monitored and supported by all forward-looking Nigerians especially their fellow rep-members and by extension, Senators.

It is heart-warming that Nigerian lawmakers have decided to open their eyes to the reality of the way things are in the country presently.

It is more reassuring that they also alluded to the fact that there is dire need for cost of governance to be seriously reduced.

It goes without saying that Nigerians need to be assured that legislators are now interested in protecting and fighting for the rights of those who elected them to be in Abuja to represent them.

As articulated earlier, this is a positive move, Nigerians, irrespective of political, cultural, religious or social standing need to encourage this tendency.

Who knows, this may be the panacea needed by the society for kidnappers, terrorists, dollar-hoarders and others engaged in several nefarious activities to have change of hearts.

Human rights groups, lobbyists, pro-democracy campaigners and others who have been pushing for the restructuring of the country now have a more focused and direct opportunity to get started realistically. Their dream is on the path to being realized. All hands now need to be on deck.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

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