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Parrot Talk: Day New Covenant Baptist Church Rejected LIRS Director’s ‘Humongous Tithe’


Believe it or not, there are still some churches where the tenet, instructions and injunctions are still strictly being upheld in Nigeria.

Trust our Parrots – they just stumbled on this story about some occurrences inside a new generation church… Kai, let’s mention the name jare…may God forgive us…

The worship center, New Covenant Baptist Church, LSDPC Estate, Ogba, Lagos…can be said to be a place to be if you want your prayers answered fully and speedily!

Parrots gathered that there was this day that a very heavy sum of money (believed to be millions) brought to the church by a then Director at the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service (LIRS) as his own ‘tithe’ was openly rejected. Haaaa! Millions of naira! Abi dollars dey there?

Anyway, read the report sent to us by one of our ‘roving Parrots’: “This is a true story o! There was this Deacon who rejected the tithe of this LIRS Director which he brought on a Sunday.

“The Deacon did this because he knew the Director, knew he must have gotten the cash in an unholy way. The LIRS man lived at Abesan, a Lagos suburb. He moved to a new house at Magodo GRA and was always flaunting his wealth.

“Of course, the Director stopped coming to the New Covenant Baptist Church after this development. He later relocated abroad. He no longer works at LIRS.”

At the same church, our Parrot equally released a gist about one of the Deacons whose daughter appeared on her wedding day in ‘camisole’ which was regarded as ‘unholy’. The Deacon resigned!

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