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Ruto In Davido’s Marriage Of Anansewa By Festus Adedayo

Nigeria of the 1950s and early 1960s had very many interesting personalities. Western Region had its fair share of such. One of them was...

Rehoboam, Presidential Jet And Nigerians’ Aparo Eggs By Festus Adedayo

Nigerians have indeed suffered tremendously in the last one year. Not strictly the hunger tugging at our bellies. That pestilence of hunger was brilliantly...

Tinubu’s Bragging Right And His 200 Needles By Festus Adedayo

In Africa, when a man loses his virility, he is subject of scorn, ridicule and disdain. Male impotence or infertility is not only disdained...

Emir Sanusi & The Battle Of Kwatarkwashi By Festus Adedayo

The duo of Abba Yusuf, governor of Kano State, and the Nigerian presidency stand the risk of plunging Kano back into the year 1893....

Tinubu’s Disappearing Act & Agbalowomeri By Festus Adedayo

Last week, Nigeria was faced with what Yoruba call Egbinrin ote. When afflictions come in multiple, they become a plague. A plague is almost...

Tinubu Becomes Tatalo’s Mistress By Festus Adedayo

The scholar and researcher had taken a trip to an open market. There, he met a female fishmonger. Attracted by the casual attention this...

The Marabouts Of Yahaya Bello By Festus Adedayo

The enchanter recited the incantation with utmost fury: “River Niger and River Benue, the confluence is in Kogi State. Except say River Niger and...

Yahaya Bello, Yoruba Nation & Portable By Festus Adedayo

Native Brazilians arrest monkeys with what is called Cumbuca. They make a hole in a gourd that is big enough to accommodate the hand...

Prof Wale Adebanwi’s Guggenheim By Dr Festus Adedayo

In a world where virtually every news item that emanates from Nigeria is of depressing cases of bloodshed, banditry, government’s sleazy insensitivity and all-what-ought-nots,...

The Lagos Boy’s Coastal Highway By Festus Adedayo

Whether real or imagined, none of the metonyms for “Lagos boy” is complimentary. The “Lagos boy” moniker once came up in the late 1980s....
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