Revealed: Hot Spots Where Big Boys Go For Sex In Ibadan

    ...Challenge Area of Ibadan in the evening...( photo)
    ...Challenge Area of Ibadan in the evening...( photo)

    Though Ibadan’s nightlife has improved considerably, some people still believe it can never be compared to what is obtainable in Lagos.

    From whichever angle one may want to look at it however, the fact remains that nightlife in Ibadan is on the rise. Unlike years back, when attention was mainly on the highbrow areas like Bodija, Iyaganku and some other places, Ring Road and Elebu areas of the city have become the new hub of nightclub business.

    Interestingly, the rise in the nightclub business has culminated in the directly proportional increase in the number of sex workers operating from the clubs.

    Gone are the days when sex workers stuck to skimpy dresses to attract “customers”. The mode of operation and ways of dressing are gradually changing. Though some still wear skimpy and tight-fitting attires; a lot of them now dress in simple but attractive outfits; which they believe will make them look refined and as such increase their charges. There, however seems to be no alternative to standing in front of nightclubs; at least for now.

    While guys prefer to refer to them as olosho, a term used strictly for commercial sex workers, the girls usually refer to themselves as “run girls”. What most customers find funny is that with between N1,000 and N5,000 you can pick any babe of your choice and have a one-night stand, depending on how well you can negotiate with the girls. Sometimes, guys play smart and wait till the wee hours before picking girls for sex. At that time, the average sex worker can be laid for as low as N1,000 or a little higher. They sometimes beg men to pay any amount, especially when the day has started breaking and hopes of getting customers for the day is becoming doubtful.

    Here are some the locations where big boys go to pick girls at night in Ibadan:

    Elebu -Akala Express Road:

    This is one of the most happening places within the city of Ibadan where many guys and fun lovers hang out for pleasure, relaxation and business meetings. Known to be the fastest growing area in Ibadan, it has many clubs as part of its development and that attracts many sex hawkers to the area. Runs girls found within the axis normally charge between N1,000 and N8,000 which is a bit expensive, compared to those of Ring Road and Bodija. Apart from their high charges, they always request for their transport fares after the initial agreement and that makes them different from some of their counterparts within Challenge-Ring Road area of Ibadan.

    They also have a side attraction, a short-time package for their customers. They bill their customers between N 1,000 and N 2,000 for one round of sex without bothering to book a room or hotels. They usually make do with locations around the clubs.  All you need to do is to pay N 2,000 and the girl will simply lay for the guy.

    Other Areas

    Ajeigbe, Dikat and Olusanya areas of Ring Road have been major locations for sex workers for years. The axis has continually stepped up over the last 10 years as far as Ibadan’s nightlife is concerned. The most amazing thing is the numbers of joints that harbour runs girls. You can be sure of getting ladies from 8pm every day of the week. In fact, girls seem to be more available on weekdays.

    Bodija/Awolowo Avenue of Bodija area in Ibadan is another happening place where a different set of runs girls operate. 80% of the girls found around this axis are students from the two most popular tertiary institutions in Ibadan. They are mostly between the ages of 18 and 27. Interestingly, apart from being young, most of them wear innocent looks.

    The Toll Gate area is a location for the “Mamalets”.  It is very rare to get young girls doing runs around the Toll Gate in Ibadan. Most of the sex workers around here are between 30 and 50 years of age with most of them having three to four kids. When “market is dull”, they can beg you to lay with them as long as you are ready to pay N500 and above. What they usually beg for is to take some money back home, no matter how small.

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