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How Suspected Bandits Were Arrested By Amotekun In Ondo

...the suspected bandits with their weapons...
...the suspected bandits with their weapons...

Operatives of the Ondo State Security Network codenamed Amotekun Corps have arrested 18 suspected bandits from Katsina State.

The suspected bandits were travelling in three hummer buses but men of the Amotekun Corps, in a joint operation with the police, were able to apprehend one of the buses while two others escaped.

It was learnt that intelligence about the movement of the suspected bandits leaked at a restaurant where they stopped briefly to eat.

Sources said it was talks among the suspected bandits that made information leaked to Amotekun operatives and roadblocks were mounted with a view to nabbing them before entering Ondo State.

Commander of the Ondo Amotekun Corps, Chief Adetunji Adeleye, said the driver of the buses overran three barricades before one of the buses was intercepted near Ondo town.

Chief Adeleye said guns and ammunition concealed inside sacked filled with tiger nuts were recovered while over 500 daggers, cutlasses, swords and other dangerous weapons were found hidden under the seats of the bus.

Conductor of the bus who did not give his name said the bus was loaded in Katsina State and they were asked to take the passengers comprising one young male to Ondo State.

He claimed he was not aware of what was loaded inside the bus.

Chief Adeleye said there was no link between the withdrawal of soldiers from checkpoints in the State to the arrest of the suspects.

Adeleye stated that the suspects during interrogation said they were asked to proceed to Akure and that further directives would be given to them.

According to him: “We got information that a group of young men were coming to invade the state. We set out to stop them from entering the state.

“At different places we mounted roadblocks they overran the barricades until we intercepted them near Ondo town.

“Two of the fully-loaded buses escaped but we intercepted one and arrested its occupants. We opened the bags of tiger nuts and found guns and ammunition while other weapons like daggers, cutlasses, Jack knives were found concealed under the seats.

“We will prosecute them after investigations have been concluded.”

Chairman of Miyetti Allah in Ondo State, Alhaji Bello Garuba, said the suspects should be prosecuted he placed curses on them for attempting to torment trouble in the State.

Leader of Hausa Fulani in Ondo State, Bala Umaru, said the arrest was worrisome especially for those doing genuine businesses in the State.

Credit: thenationonlineng.net

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