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Day Purified Record Label Unveiled Its New Artists, Davidainojadu, Rave

From left- RAVE, CEO of the record label, Agboola Babawale, Davidainojadu and Head Media Unit, Kazeem Awojoodu...
From left- RAVE, CEO of the record label, Agboola Babawale, Davidainojadu and Head Media Unit, Kazeem Awojoodu...

The management of fast rising Lagos-based music promotion company, Purified Record Label has unveiled two creative and promising artistes, David Preye Konwei a.k.a Davidainojadu and Adediran Mayowa Feranmi better known as RAVE.

Purified Record Label is a division of the Purified Entertainment Company with its head office in Lekki, Lagos State of Nigeria.

The Chief Executive Officer of the record label, Agboola Segun Babawale, disclosed during the unveiling held at Carlton Gate Hotel, Ibadan on Saturday, that the company is dedicated to talent discovery and nurturing them to stardom.

Wale 123, as he is fondly called, established that one of the objectives of the record label is to contribute its quota in bringing quality entertainment to the people and showcasing young talents’ musical creativity to the world.

“We are using our platform, Purified Entertainment Company to empower young Nigerians that are talented in creative arts, we are also using the platform to nurture their talent and ensure that their passion becomes a profit making entity to them.

“Our doors are opened to talented artistes that are hardworking and ready to pursue their career in showbiz. Today, I’m glad to inform you of this honorable gathering of the newest additions to our quality entertainment brand, with the unveiling and official signing of two artistes into our record label family.

“The duo of David Preye Konwei popularly known with his stage name Davidainojadu and Adediran Mayowa Feranmi with stage name RAVE, having certified the terms and conditions of our record label and the rules of engagement of Purified Entertainment Company are now officially unveiled as our newest signed artistes.

“We are set to nurture, support and encourage them to achieve their set goals in the pursuit of their career in the entertainment industry and provide them with necessary leverage for them to be a valuable addition to the entertainment world.

“Our competent team is working to ensure that we bring out the best in them,” Mr. Agboola Babawale said.

The CEO of the company, Wale 123, who emphasized that the company is strictly a showbiz brand, expressed the readiness of his team to promotion of any artist involving in any genre of music including Apala, Fuji, Reggae, Hip Hop and Afro among others in as much it is in line with the quality criteria of the company.

“We are here for the upcoming artists that are ready to grow to their peak, though we are new in the industry but we came prepared because we know what it takes to be at the peak. To the glory of God, we are promoting artists in all brands of music. I am a Juju musician, I know how how to sing Juju very well because I started from the church, so this gives me enough opportunity to know more about music, though I might not go the music school but the God’s given talent in me gave me the audacity that I can discover people and bring the best out of them.

“Right now, I have Hip Hop artists, if I have Fuji artists, Apala artists and they know what they are doing, I am ready to take them in. We are ready to do business because we are here strictly for business.

Also speaking, the Head of Communications, Media and PR Unit of the company, Kazeem Awojoodu, disclosed that the company is aimed at projecting the image and reputation of the Nigeria music industry in a positive manner to the international community by bringing in new narrative and adding value to change their perception.

“At Purified Entertainment, we have some qualities that stand out because we are intending to project the image of Nigeria music industry in the international community. We are promoting the upcoming artists with the sense of adding value to the lives of our teeming fans. We are ready to dish out songs that will promote values and moral standards, songs that will project our culture and traditions.”

Awojoodu described the CEO of Purified Entertainment Company, Agboola Babawale as a tourist expert and focused entrepreneur, whose intention is to give back to the society through music and other entertainment innovations by identifying the talents at the grassroots and nurture them to the prominent.

He said that the company is not only focusing on music promotion, but also into skit making, artists’ management, photography, documentary and events management. He maintained that the door of the company is also opened to other artists that are interested in taking the career to the peak.

Assuring his teeming fans, Davidainojadu, said that he is ready to showcase his talents to the world to attract more young and upcoming artistes into the fold.

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