Blasphemous! How EFCC Recovered Massive Loot Monies From Ikoyi Home, Plus Pictures

Blasphemous! How EFCC Recovered Massive Loot Monies From Ikoyi Home, Plus Pictures

...suspected loot cash being counted...

Another humongous success was recorded by the whistle blowing policy of the Federal Government as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) recovered another massive collection of suspected ‘loot’ monies.

This success was achieved after EFCC officers stormed a residential building on the 7th Floor of a four – bedroom apartment at Osborne Towers located at 16, Osborne road Ikoyi, Lagos, where a humongous find of foreign currencies and Naira notes to the tune of $43.4m, £27,800 and N23.2m was uncovered.

…the Ikoyi, Lagos building housing the loot cash…

The operation followed a whistle blower’s confidential alert received by the Commission’s Lagos office on Wednesday morning regarding some noticed suspicious movement of bags in and out of a particular apartment in the building. According to the source, the movers of the bags, made believe that they always bring in bags of clothes.

…the filing cabinet with the cash ‘in situ’…before being evacuated…

Another source who is conversant with the apartment of interest indicated that some woman usually appeared on different occasions with Ghana Must Go bags. ” She comes looking haggard, with dirty clothes but her skin didn’t quite match her outward appearance, perhaps a disguise”, the source said.

On getting to the building, operatives met the entrance door locked. Inquiries from the guards at the gate explained that nobody resides in the apartment, but some persons come in and out once in a while. In compliance with the magisterial order contained in the warrant, the EFCC used minimum force to gain entrance into the apartment.

…naira too dey there oooo!

Monies were found in two of the four bedroom apartment. Further probe of the wardrobe by operatives in one of the rooms, was found to be warehousing three fire proof cabinets disguisedly hidden behind wooden panels of the wardrobe. Upon assessing the content of the cabinets, neatly arranged US Dollars, Pound Sterling and some Naira notes in sealed wrappers were found.

…after the evacuation of the monies…

Preliminary investigations have indicated that the funds are suspected to be proceeds of unlawful activity.

PMParrotng’s findings indicated that more lush loot monies will be discovered and seized by EFCC in days to com because information about owners and locations of such monies have been received by operatives of the commission from serious ‘whistle blowers’.

Said our source “what we are presently doing is sieving out our pieces of information to confirm authenticity and work-ability of what we received from whistle blowers. Nigerians have not seen anything yet. More shocking revelations are ahead.”

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