One Year Anniversary: Gilgal Voices Recount Blessings

One Year Anniversary: Gilgal Voices Recount Blessings

L-R: Mrs. Bosede Oguntade, Group Matron, Chief (Mrs.) Adeleke and Mrs. Deborah Alalade at the event
L-R: Mrs. Bosede Oguntade, Group Matron, Chief (Mrs.) Adeleke and Mrs. Deborah Alalade at the event

It was a period of celebration for the Women Choir of Cathedral Church of St. David’s, Kudeti, Ibadan called Gilgal Voices as they marked their first year anniversary.

The event, which took the whole of Sunday service held on 23rd December, 2018 and it witnessed series of activities to glorify almighty God for His protection over the lives of members of the group.

While speaking with PMParrot‘s reporter, Gilgal Voices’ Coordinator, Mrs. Bosede Oguntade stated that the last one year of the group has been full of God’s testimonies.

She disclosed that Gilgal Voices was formed with the aim and objective of singing to praise God.

According to Mrs. Oguntade, “the aim and objective of Gilgal Voices, which is the cathedral women choir, is to sing to, and praise God.

“We want to be singers of God, we sing the heart of God, we sing to minister to people’s lives, to bring souls to God, to populate the kingdom of God and depopulated the kingdom of hell.

“We are singers in the Anglican church; we are God’s mouth piece in Ibadan, singing for the salvation of souls, singing for the uplift of the kingdom of God. Gilda voices today, is saying a big thank you to God for the inspirational, anointing, grace, privilege to serve in the vineyard of God.”

Mrs. Oguntade further acknowledged the efforts of the church leadership for the opportunity and support given to them.

“We want to thank the Provost of the Cathedral, Rev. Alalade Ayinla and his wife for the privilege given to us to show forth the grace of God. We want to thank the Bishop of Ibadan South Diocese, Rev. Akintunde Adedayo Popoola. He is a man with the mandate of God to show forth the glory and kingdom of God. And I also appreciate all members of Gilgal Voices for their cooperation and dedication to the work of God, they have been so wonderful and it has been a privilege working together in love, singing the praise of God.”

Wife of the Provost, Cathedral Church of St. David’s, Kudeti, Mrs. Deborah Alalade Ayinla, who is also a member of Gilgal Voices, noted that the group was created out of the love of God, who Himself gave the order to sing to proclaim His kingdom.

“We are not entertainers, we are ministers and as a result of this I want to beg all members to be armed with the words of God, to be prayerful and to be ready to answer the call to go out to sing and to minister,” she said.

In his ministration, the Preacher, who is also the Cannon-in-Residence, Ven. Olufemi Popoola, while speaking on the title, “Jesus Our Redeemer”, charged members of the Gilgal Voices to know that the cause of their joy was Jesus Christ, who was born with message of hope for those that believe in Him.

He reiterated that the art of rejoicing will amount to nothing if they fail to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

Pastor Popoola, while congratulating them advised that they should use this period of Christmas to move closer to God and do away with sins.

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