What Nobody Told You About How Oyo Rep Member, Temitope Sugar Was...

What Nobody Told You About How Oyo Rep Member, Temitope Sugar Was Killed

Hon Temitope Olatoye Sugar...the 'Soldier Boy'...goes home...
Hon Temitope Olatoye Sugar...the 'Soldier Boy'...goes home...

It has been days since an Oyo State member of the House of Representatives, Hon Temitope Olatoye Sugar was killed and the sad occurrence is still generating concern.

Parrots in their usual manner have been on the streets looking for gists and to get to know what transpired.

It is common knowledge that the late politician was not an exactly soft person. So, when one of our Parrots ran into one of his family members, he could not allow the opportunity to eke out pieces of information on how Sugar was killed miss him.

Our Parrot here brings you the abridged version of what the family member told him. Enjoy:

“Sugar called me early on the day of election, Saturday, that he was going to our village to partake in the election. He said I should join him. I told him that I heard. I knew I would not go there to join him because I was still suffering from the hangover of his loss during the Oyo Central Senatorial election that he lost two weeks ago. So, I stayed at home.

On that Saturday afternoon, he called me again to ask where I was. I told him. He said they were in the village having a nice time. I wished him well and continued what I was doing at home.

“Around 5pm on that same day, I got an urgent call that he had been shot. I said no, that it could not be. Sugar was a warrior. A strong man. Call him a Superman if you like. He was a man bullets could not kill. He was never afraid of gun-wielding attackers. He would face you and close in on you till he collects the gun from you. Yes. That was the kind of person he was.

“So, when I got the news of his being shot, after getting over the initial shock, I moved out. I met him in a pool of his own blood.

“It was later that I got the skeletal gist of what happened. I believe he was given something to drink sometime on that Saturday that neutralized his ‘anti-bullet’ powers. As I heard, he was called out to Lalupon by one KTJ, one of his persons who said he was being harassed at a particular collation center.

“When Sugar got to the place, he merely spoke with the assailants of KTJ and gave them money and ensured that peace reigned. As he entered his vehicle, he still threw out money for the boys.

“As he was heading back to Ibadan from Lalupon, he was ambushed. How did this happen? He got to a point on the Ibadan-Lalupon road where he met these guys who just came out of the bush to stop his vehicle. Another car was following him which had his supporters and security aides.

“When his assailants shot into the air to stop him and let him know that they were serious, Sugar was quoted as saying ‘are these ones mad? What gave these boys the courage to attack me?’

“He briefly stopped the car and then, he took off and targeted the leader of the gang and he hit him with his car in the leg. Then, he opened his door in an attempt to grab the assailant who was by then on the floor. However, the other fellow, perhaps, in desperation to escape being captured by Sugar just shot widely (some said he aimed at Sugar) and the bullet entered Sugar’s eye into his skull.

“As Sugar was slumping, his security men in the other vehicle got to him and a gun battle ensued. They said at least five people died after the dust settled. Sugar was rushed to one or two places before his guys eventually took him to the University College Hospital, UCH, where he eventually died.”

Meanwhile, Parrots gathered that the man who shot Sugar was identified by his security aides as a member of a notorious union. They also said a very highly placed politician in Oyo State with a popular nickname was also involved.

Trust Parrots who will not mind their businesses, they said the politician is now on the run because policemen from the Oyo State Police command are already after him after picking up the shooter… We hope nobody will quote Parrots in this respect o…

In addition, Parrots were told that burial arrangements will start once security operatives are done with their investigations. Hon Olatoye Sugar’s body is still a major part of the pieces of evidences needed…

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