Communication Is Key To Successful Marriage – Pastor Olubodun

Communication Is Key To Successful Marriage – Pastor Olubodun

Pastor Victor Olulodun, the General Overseer of the Deliverance and Salvation Ministry (DSM), left...
Pastor Victor Olulodun, the General Overseer of the Deliverance and Salvation Ministry (DSM), left...

Pastor Victor Olulodun, the General Overseer of the Deliverance and Salvation Ministry (DSM), located in Ado Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital, has disclosed that communication is a very important key to enjoy a blissful and a lasting marriage.

The vibrant Pastor dropped this hint while delivering his sermon during the first Sunday service set aside by the Ministry to give adequate attention to the issues of families at the Headquarters of the church.

Taking his Bible text from the book of Ephesians 4: 15; Pastor Victor Olulodun urged husbands and wives to be the best of friends by ensuring that they share their pains, losses, joy, successes, failures and accomplishments together. Olulodun advised couples to always listen and pay adequate attention to one another.

“When you are talking as a husband or wife and you are doing another thing probably pressing your phone, you will not be able to pay attention and you will be disrespecting your partner. Try always to listen to what your wife or husband is not saying. Communication is not limited to what it is communicated out. You should always study the body language of your spouse. Most especially when your wife or husband is moody”.

Continuing, “Pastor Olulodun said a lot of people today kill themselves because of depression. Husbands and wives should always listen to the voice and direction of the Holy Spirit. Couples should not always use questions to answer questions. Using questions to answer questions by couples have degenerated and led to so many crises in the homes today”.

He advised couples to take their time to listen more to one another than speaking. “It is wiser to listen than to speak. If couples want to speak, they should always speak life into their lives and marriage. Couples should speak good about themselves and compliments one another’s effort. Husbands should always appreciate their wives when they cook. Couples should always confess positively instead of complaining”, he said.

Olulodun also stressed the need for couples against using negative words against one another. Going further, he gave other details of things couples should avoid in their homes to include shouting on one another in the presence of their children and third parties and not to choose to always keep quiet in the home but speak when it is necessary to do so. Recognizing the power in communication, the pastor said many problems in the home today can be traced to lack of communication among couples. He charged couples to always be transparent, allow their words to edify and minister grace to themselves.

He posited that other ways of communicating effectively in the homes aside speaking also include giving of gifts to one another, kissing and touching one another, expressing love through writing of love text messages and writing of love letters among other things. He equally charged couples not to allow sicknesses, childlessness, failure and even success or riches to test their marriage or stand on their effective communication in the home. Marriage is meant to complement one another and solve the problem of loneliness. He encouraged couples to always allow themselves to know their intentions”.

Pastor Victor Olulodun equally used the Sunday Service to offer special prayers for all journalists in Ekiti State, Nigeria and the world at large on the occasion of the celebrations of the 2019 World Communication’s Day. He thereafter advised journalists all over the world to at all times ensure they report events and happenings around them correctly and accurately without adding or subtracting from it. He urged them to avoid sensationalism, hate speeches and fake news that have now become the trend today.

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