Ogun Speaker Seeks Constitutional Amendment To Allow For Part-Time Legislature

Ogun Speaker Seeks Constitutional Amendment To Allow For Part-Time Legislature

Hon Olakunle Oluomo
Hon Olakunle Oluomo, the Speaker, Ogun State House of Assembly...

The Legislative arm of government in the country can only operate on a part-time basis if the constitution is amended to allow lawmakers practice their vocation and run their businesses.

The Speaker of the Ogun State House of Assembly Rt. Hon. Olakunle Taiwo Oluomo stated this during an interview in Abeokuta.

Oluomo explained that a situation where a lawmaker, who had a thriving business before becoming a Legislator could only be allowed to practice farming alongside law-making would require corresponding compensation for the financial loss he might have incurred from the business he was running before being elected.

This he pointed out, made the call for for a part time Legislature rather difficult except the constitution was amended to allow for part-time law making, where a lawmaker is allowed to remain on their jobs/businesses and devote a particular period of the year to do appropriation and other oversights, the period only which they would be duly remunerated.

According to him, such part-time Legislature as was being practiced in the United States would help reduce the cost of running governance in a democracy.

“I want a situation which will allow me to practice my vocation, do my business and still be a Legislator on part-time basis”, he remarked.

The Speaker  who assured that the 9th Legislature under his leadership would be more responsible and responsive, pledged that the State Legislature would encourage the executive arm to implement the law against land grabbing and anti-terrorism to the letter for the promotion of peace and tranquility in the State.

He said the assembly would also partner the executive arm to ensure that the Security trust fund is restructured to provide effective security network for the protection of lives and property in the State.

On the recent suspension of the Chairmen of Local Government and Local Council Development Areas in the State by the 8th Legislature, Oluomo explained that the step was taken to allow for an unhindered investigation into the various allegations of financial in-proprietary, abuse of powers and inefficiency against some of the Chairmen.

He added that the investigation would include the viability or otherwise of the 37 LCDAs created through a law by the Assembly, saying there was need to implement financial autonomy for the Local Government, the Judiciary and the Legislature to further strengthen democracy in the country.

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