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Orangun Of Ila Kicks, Says It Is Wrong For State Governments To Be Appointing Traditional Rulers  

...the Orangun of Ila Orangun in Osun State, Oba Wahab Kayode Oyedotun...
...the Orangun of Ila Orangun in Osun State, Oba Wahab Kayode Oyedotun...
  • Tells Politicians To Stop Tampering With The Roles Of Monarchs

In this interview with EMMANUEL ADENIRAN, the Orangun of Ila Orangun in Osun State, Oba Wahab Kayode Oyedotun speaks on the current state of the Yoruba traditional institution as well as issues bordering on the growth and development of Ila Orangun kingdom among other issues… Excerpts:

When exactly did you ascend the throne of your forefathers?

I ascended the throne on the 24th of May, 2003.

Can you speak about your experiences on the throne so far?

It has been that of challenges, there are ups and down but with the help of God, we have been able to move on.

Can you relate to us how Ila Orangun came into existence from your own persctive?

Ila Orangun came on board in the year 1050 AD. It was founded by the great Fagbamila Ajagun-Nla, a direct son of Oduduwa who founded Igbo Ojegunla where we have the present Ila Oragun till date.

How many Kings have reigned over Ila Orangun Kingdom?

23 Kings in all have reigned over the Ila Orangun Kingdom and I am the 24th monarch.

History records also says that the people of Ila Orangun came from Ile Ife, do you have more to tell us on this Kabiyesi?

Oduduwa is believed to be the founder of Ile-Ife. That great man was the father of Orangun of Ila. So, Orangun of Ila is a direct son of Oduduwa and that is how we are related to Ile Ife till today.

Can you assess the level of development that has been brought to Ila Orangun since your ascension to the throne?

The list is endless. I want to thank God Almighty for the peaceful reign we are experiencing in Ila Orangun Kingdom. There is relative peace in the town and we have also experienced gradual development in the town. The number of schools and tertiary institutions have increased and the commercial activity in the town is increasing daily and we are happy that we are moving forward.

We believe you have experience one or two critical unusual experiences…can you talk about how your were able to manage sir? 

I am happy that I have good and committed chiefs in Ila Orangun Kingdom. They are up to the task and they are always there for me during any crisis. They have been very cooperative and have not let the problem pull me down.

Can you reveal to Nigerians the tourism potentials that are available in Ila Orangun Kingdom?

The name Ila Orangun is a town that is well known everywhere. Through that, everyone always wants to know where Ila Orangun is located. The name Ila Orangun alone is enough and we have tourist sites and we are a centre of attraction to people. Nevertheless, we still have many tourists centres in the town such as the Ajangunla tourist, Ilayara, Ilamagbon, Okemagbon and so many more others that I may not remember now.

What is your assessment about the current condition of the traditional institutions in Yoruba land?

We have problems; things are not moving the way they should. The powers of the paramount rulers have been eroded. The power should be restored back to the traditional rulers because they are the people who are very close to the masses. Presently, governments are in charge of everything, we cannot control our people and particularly, politics and has taken everything away from us. The present crop of Nigerian politicians can behave anyhow to the kings because we do not have constitutional roles.

Don’t you think it is necessary for the constitution to be amended especially the law that gives the government the power to appoint, select and install traditional rulers in the country?

I want to state this categorically that that there is no law that empowers the government to appoint any King.

What about the chief’s Law?

The chief’s law, there is no provision in the chief’s law that says that the government should appoint Kings. The Kings can only be appointed by their own people and the approval given by the government. So, when the Government has been given the power to give approval, does it mean they can go to the town and appoint the Kings as they are currently doing? The answer is capital no. Our governments are now using their power to appoint traditional rulers and this is totally wrong. The people know who is legitimate to rule over them and not the government. If you are not in the political party of a leader, and when the time comes to give approval to the selection of another king, they will not appoint you even if the people of the town like you and such should be properly addressed.

What are the traditional rulers doing to make sure they draw the government’s attention to this anomaly?  

Are they ready to listen at all? We are trying our best and the association of Traditional rulers is really trying its best to correct the misconception.

What is your assessment of the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic?

Before COVID-19, there has been the problem of Boko Haram. The insecurity in the country is just too alarming. It seems the government has lost control of the management of security in the country. Later, the COVID-19 pandemic came and it was not properly managed by the government. The way it was handled led to several health problems. If COVID-19 was properly handled, the boys will not come out and be saying there should be an end to SARS.

Have you been experiencing problems from Fulani Herdsmen within your domain?

No. It will not happen. The town is peaceful and we are secured. I don’t pray for such in my Kingdom.

What are your expectations from the government to move your community forward?

We are expecting so many things from the government. There is dearth of infrastructural amenities in our communities. Our electricity supply is seriously epileptic; there is no proper supply of water. Even our roads are in bad conditions.

What message do you have for the people of your kingdom?

I want to appeal to my people especially the sons and daughters of this land to come home and partner with us to move Ila Orangun forward. They should bring in their wealth and expertise to develop the town.

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