US-Based Don Pushes For Establishment Of Food Banks By Tinubu To Curb Hunger

    Professor Abiodun Raufu
    Professor Abiodun Raufu

    A U.S.-based don, Professor Abiodun Raufu has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to establish food banks across the country as one of the measures to curb mass hunger in the country in light of the escalating challenges faced by poor Nigerians due to food insecurity and rising prices of food products, even if it is going to be a temporary measure to provide succor for poor Nigerians.

    “I urgently call upon the government to establish a comprehensive food bank initiative to replace the current situation in which the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs claims to give money to people that actually goes into private pockets. The pressing need for such an intervention has become increasingly evident, particularly in the wake of economic hardships exacerbated by the ongoing rising prices of food items,” Professor Raufu said.

    Professor Raufu who teaches at Southern University and A&M College in Louisiana, USA, said the food bank initiative is a common feature in many countries in North America and Europe to assist the needy in coping with difficult times. The primary goal of a food bank is to alleviate hunger and food insecurity by providing nutritious food to those who are unable to afford or access an adequate supply of food on their own. Food banks serve as intermediaries between food donors and food-insecure individuals or families, ensuring that surplus food is efficiently distributed to those in need.

    Professor Raufu who is also the former Editor of Nigerian Tribune and ex-Managing Director of National Mirror Newspapers said further, “Food banks play a critical role in addressing food insecurity and hunger in communities by mobilizing resources, fostering collaboration among stakeholders, and providing essential food assistance to individuals and families facing economic hardship. Millions of Nigerians are currently affected by food insecurity, particularly vulnerable populations, including low-income households, the elderly, children, and the physically challenged, and as we navigate through these trying times, immediate action must be taken to address this critical issue and provide essential support to those in need.”

    In establishing the food banks, Professor Raufu suggested that it should be jointly coordinated between the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development and the Office of the First Lady, Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu for proper supervision, given the poor reputation of the ministry during ex-President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration

    “A robust food bank program would not only alleviate immediate hunger but also foster community resilience and empower individuals to achieve long-term food security. Through partnerships with local organizations, businesses, and volunteers, the government can leverage collective resources and expertise to maximize the impact of food assistance initiatives and support sustainable solutions to address food insecurity at least until the positive results of the programmes of the Tinubu administration begin to manifest,” Professor Raufu argued further.

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