Ifayemi Elebuibon To Yoruba Monarchs: Quit If You Cannot Practice Traditional Religion

    Araba Ifayemi Elebuibon
    Araba Ifayemi Elebuibon

    Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon, a renowned culture promoter and diviner has strongly advised current set of traditional rulers in Yorubaland to either practice traditional religion or abdicate.

    The respected Ifa Priest also said the decision of most of these Obas to embrace modern religious practices is fast eroding their powers as leaders of their people and spiritually.

    In a chat with Parrot Xtra, the well-travelled Ifa teacher also confirmed what he said in a video that trended when two traditional rulers where shot dead in Ekiti State recently.

    In the video, transcribed by our man, Dare Raji, Chief Elebuibon submitted:

    “Yoruba culture has high regard for their kings but when westernization and foreign religion got introduced to Nigeria, they made our traditional rulers and institutions lose their potency and originality.

    “I can boldly affirm that the original way of selecting traditional rulers and kingmakers in Ogbomosho have been tampered with. Most of our kings have refused to learn and fortify themselves. Why won’t they be disgraced?

    “We are here when a king was ambushed and killed but nobody dares do that with a King who has been fortified with traditional power. Who dares confront a lion King? These killings are being made possible because of the acceptance of modern and foreign religion.

    “In the olden days, you hardly see a King attending functions outside of the palace except on the celebration of important functions like Osun or Sango festival.  It is only on that day that people are always privileged to see the King attending functions.

    “In 1937, when one of the colonial masters in Lagos called for the attention of the Ooni as a result of the clash between Sagamu and one other town, the Ooni pointedly told the colonial ruler that he would not come.

    “Even after he left for Lagos, rituals were conducted continuously for the safety of the Ooni before he returned to his people at Ile-Ife because such had never happened in the history of the Ife culture before.

    “God has endowed us with many things and has rightly placed the crown in its rightful place. It is only a bastard that will disregard his heritage and squander his possessions.

    “If you know you are a Muslim or Christian and you will not participate in Oro or other traditional rites, then such an individual is not qualified to become the King of his town.  When a King enters a place, he should carry authority and power and people should know that a powerful element has arrived.

    “In addition, the day a man becomes a King, such an individual knows that he is not an ordinary person again and what separates an ordinary man from a King is because of the power and authority he possesses.

    “Our traditional rulers must retrace their step back to the original way of doing things. They should know that they are the custodians of power.

    “The solution to this menace lies with the Kingmakers; they are the ones saddled with the responsibility of enthroning Kings.

    “Kings will rule and die but kingmakers will remain forever. Many of the kingmakers have neglected their primary assignments”.

    Packaged by Olayinka Agboola and Dare Raji

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