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Farmers Show Appreciation As Senator Alli Donates Over 200 Bags Of Fertilizers


In a bid to bolster agricultural productivity and support farmers,  Senator Sharafadeen Alli (APC-Oyo South) has distributed over 200 bags of fertilizers worth millions of naira to farmers in the four agrarian local governments within his Senatorial District.

This is contained in a statement signed by his Special Adviser on Media, Akeem Abas and made available to newsmen on Friday in Ibadan.

The bags of fertilisers distributed to farmers in Ibarapa North, Ibarapa Central, Ibarapa East and Ido local government areas was a demonstration of his unwavering commitment to the agricultural sector.

This initiative is another developmental project from Senator Alli, who has also sank and repaired several projects in fulfilment of his promise to sink 100 boreholes within his first year in office.

Alli, who was represented by Mr Gbenga Elegbede, expressed commitment to the development of the agricultural sector in his senatorial district, saying support for farmers was crucial for food security and economic growth.

The lawmaker said that the impact of the fertiliser distribution is expected to enhance agricultural output, improve crop yields, and contribute to the economic growth of the local communities.

He urged the beneficiaries to make the best use of the fertilisers and encouraged them to continue their hard work in feeding the nation.

The impactful gesture of Senator Alli was met with gratitude and appreciation from the beneficiaries who gathered to receive the much-needed agricultural input in Ayete as well as Ido town.

Senator Alli’s representatives, Comrade Gbenga Elegbede and Mr Ayo Adedokun, ensured the seamless distribution of the fertilisers to the eager beneficiaries, who expressed their gratitude for the timely support provided by the senator.

Mr Akeem Oladiran, the representative of All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), commended Senator Alli for his efforts in ensuring the welfare and productivity of farmers in the district.

He said that the distribution of fertilisers would go a long way in improving crop yields and ultimately the income of farmers.

Mr Olusola Aderoju, the Chairman of Agbe Semilore Lanlate Farmers Association, said that would alleviate the financial burden of purchasing fertilisers as well as promoting sustainable agriculture practices in the district.

Azeez Jimoh, a farmer from Ibarapa North, expressed appreciation for the senator’s support, lauding his efforts in uplifting rural communities and empowering farmers to thrive in a challenging agricultural landscape.

Mrs Folasade Akintayo, a farmer from Ido, expressed gratitude to the Senator  for his continuous support and commitment to the agricultural sector in the district.

Wahab Raheem, a beneficiary from Igboora, said that the senator’s support and commitment to agriculture will undoubtedly inspire other stakeholders to invest more in the development of the sector, thereby benefitting farmers and the entire nation.

Mr Fatai Adesina, a farmer from Idere,  expressed appreciation for the senator’s gesture, saying the fertilisers will greatly contribute to the success of their farming activities.

Samuel Adeolu, a farmer from Eruwa, said that the gesture would encourage more farmers to actively participate in agriculture, knowing that their welfare and needs are being prioritised.

Pa Sunday Orisabukola, the party chairman in Ibarapa Central, said the support from the senator will not only improve crop yields, but also contribute to the overall economic development of the local governments.

The provision of fertilisers by Senator Alli serves as a lifeline for farmers who rely on these essential inputs to enhance soil fertility, increase crop production, and secure their livelihoods

The senator’s proactive and hands-on approach to supporting farmers reflected his deep-seated belief in the transformative power of agriculture as a catalyst for economic growth and community development.

As the fertilisers get to the farmers, Senator Alli’s legacy of impactful leadership, community engagement, and agricultural empowerment continues to resonate, inspiring a brighter future for the agrarian communities within his senatorial district.

The fertiliser distribution initiative not only provides tangible support to farmers but also symbolises the senator’s advocacy for agricultural transformation, rural empowerment, and community resilience.

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