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Why I’m Pushing For Musical Diversity In Afrobeats – Falz


Award-Winning Nigerian artist and activist, Falz has raised concerns about the increasing monotony in the Nigerian music industry, urging for a return to the diverse sounds that once defined the nation’s music scene.

“Music is starting to sound the same now,” Falz said in a recent chat with The Nation. “I’ve been reading a lot of complaints both from people within the industry and those outside it. It’s time for that breath of fresh air, that sound that would really take us back to what we know how to do best, and that’s to make different types of music.”

Falz, known for his socially conscious lyrics, expressed disappointment over the current trend where artistes seem trapped in a cycle of producing similar sounds. “I don’t know how we got trapped in this era of chasing a certain type of sound alone. I think everybody will start to open their ears, especially after this project,” he added.

Addressing the reasons behind this trend, Falz pointed to the influence of mainstream consumers. “I think it’s mostly pressure from the mainstream consumers. They seemed to be reacting to a certain type of sound and were crazy about it, so everybody wanted to make that sound. You can’t blame artistes, everybody wants to have a hit.”

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