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Why We Decided To Build World-Class Food Bank In Lagos – Lions Club


The Lions International, District 404B2, has announced the plan to build a world-class food bank in Lagos, a hunger relief project for 10,000 people in the metropolitan city.

The District President, Tolulope Senbanjo, made this known on Tuesday during the club’s press briefing and handover in Ikeja, Lagos.

Senbanjo, after he was inaugurated into office by Dayo Fagbouhun, the immediate district past governor, said a food bank construction project was his major assignment for his 2024–2025 service year, which will be in three phases for inclusivity purposes.

The governor disclosed that he had been in communication with the state government for support and intervention to achieve this and other community projects he intends to flag off.

He said there was a fundraising luncheon for community service projects, particularly the core project, on August 3, 2024.

Senbanjo said, “We plan to raise N250m to establish a world-class food bank in Lagos, which we hope will serve at least 10,000 people annually. We will appeal to the government if we can probably get land, and then we will look for money to build a structure. We will also partner with those involved in the production of foods like Nestle and Flour Mill. We will also contribute among ourselves to get some of these food items.

“We will have a store for them where members of the Lagos communities can access these items. The second phase is that we will visit communities where we have identified that they need these food items. This district has a large volunteer structure with over 1,900 members, and we have enough hands that can carry out these activities.

“The third phase of the food bank is the digital part, where we will identify and partner with local food vendors in different communities and give the residents or students vouchers that they can use to collect food from them. This will definitely allow people in rural areas to have access to it.”

Senbajo also highlighted other plans, which include a quarterly medical mission in the four areas within the district – Osun, Ekiti, Kwara and Lagos.

He said the district would embark on a two-day medical mission every quarter, to target persons suffering eye defects, diabetes, and paediatric cancer.

The Constitutional Area Leader, Taiwo Adewunmi,  spoke on the level of government partnership with the club as he called for their assistance.

He said most club projects had been made possible through the contributions of Lions International, both domestically and abroad, with their donations and grants.

“We cannot do this alone; we need the support of the government, the private sector, and other organisations. Unfortunately, the Nigerian government has not been very supportive, rather, we have been supporting the government.

“However, there are instances where we have collaborated with government agencies to achieve some of our aims,” he said.

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