Parrot Talk: Ekiti Politicians ‘Dodge’ Their Heads After Kole Ajayi’s Death, Read...

Parrot Talk: Ekiti Politicians ‘Dodge’ Their Heads After Kole Ajayi’s Death, Read About His Last Minutes

Late Barrister Kole Ajayi...
Late Barrister Kole Ajayi...

Since the demise of youthful politician and one of those who eyed the Ekiti State All Progressives Congress’ ticket, Bankole (Kole) Ajayi was announced in the early hours of Friday, May 18, politicians in the state seem to have changed their styles.

Almost all of them are now maintaining some kind of low profile – this, Parrots can tell is not due to the mourning of the deceased lawyer but because they all feel compelled to ‘dodge their heads’.

Parrots can confirm that the late politician was said to have stepped on so many toes.

One of our Parrots informed “You know he was one of those who fought valiantly to grab APC’s governorship ticket. He later stepped down for ex-Governor Kayode Fayemi. After this, he went all the way out to step on so many toes to ensure the victory of Fayemi. Along the line, he also wanted to prove his loyalty for Fayemi. So, he really stepped on toes.”

We also gathered that he hardly slept. On Friday, May 18, he still posted this on his Facebook page by 12.37am.

“Where was America when Koro,Tko,Omisore,Oshoko and Captain Koli invaded Ekiti with Military to scuttle our people’s will? Gba fun gbada nile ni gbafun gbada loko. He who seeks equity must come in clean hands.JKF ti daraba!!Let’s go there…”

While posting the above, he was in a vehicle traveling from one place to the other. “He slumped inside the vehicle by around 1am and before he could be taken to the nearest hospital, he had died.”

Even though, nobody has any evidence that he was spiritually attacked, his death has caused so much ripples within Ekiti State’s political circuit and has generally made many politicians to employ more tact.

For now, its seems that the fear of untimely death is the beginning of wisdom for Ekiti politicians.

May the soul of the deceased rest in peace…

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