How CAC Arogungbogunmi Celebrated Its 22nd Anniversary

How CAC Arogungbogunmi Celebrated Its 22nd Anniversary

Prophet Richard Adebayo Kolawole, with others during the event...
Prophet Richard Adebayo Kolawole, with others during the event...

Christ Apostolic Church, Arogungbogunmi recently celebrated its 22nd anniversary in a colourful thanksgiving service on Sunday, 15th July, 2018 as the founder, Prophet Richard Adebayo Kolawole pointed out that the ministry started on April 17, 1996 in a room and parlor apartment at Olunde in Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo State.

It, however, now has several branches in places that include Obatedo, Kajola, Ore, Akure and Ondo Town, all in Ondo State, as well as Odo Ona and Amuloko in Ibadan.

Speaking on his experience in the past 22 years, Prophet Kolawole said “the years have been fantastic, good years. We are thanking God for what the Lord has done for the past 22 years. We are celebrating God for His wonderful work, for His protection and for lifting up the ministry up to where it is today. So we have every reason to glorify God”.

He also shed light on the reason the anniversary was themed “Everlasting Covenant”. He said “before somebody can go into an everlasting covenant with God, God must have a thought over that person. When you are talking about thought of God; that is where all prophecy will be manifested. So people can hear prophecy that God will make them great, He will lift them up, that is under the plan and thought of God. That will pass through the thought to fulfillment. So it is the thought that leads to fulfillment. If the person that God has thought upon listens to the Word of God, listens to the voice of God, he will pass over to fulfillment and that fulfillment will pass over to covenant”.

He spoke further that “many people stop at the thought of God because they cannot proceed to the fulfillment, many people stop at the fulfillment and cannot proceed to covenant. To proceed from fulfillment to covenant, you need to impress the Covenant Maker. If you can impress Him then it will lead to everlasting covenant.

“Listen very well, David and Abraham were examples of people that impressed God after God fulfilled His thought over them and it translated to everlasting covenant. Listen very well, Jeroboam and Saul, God fulfilled His thought over them but it didn’t go beyond fulfillment. It didn’t proceed to covenant.

That was what brought about the theme so that people can know that when you talk about covenant, it is not a day’s journey. God will have thought, it will come to fulfillment and from fulfillment to covenant. God established a covenant with Abraham and David, but He fulfilled His thoughts on Jeroboam and Saul and Saul but did not establish any covenant with them. For God to establish a covenant with you, you have to be obedient, patient and perseverance”.

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