Why We Established A Radio Station Strictly Dedicated To Reggae Music –...

Why We Established A Radio Station Strictly Dedicated To Reggae Music – Kunle Onime Of Roots 97.1FM

Kunle Onime...proudly explains away what Root FM has as focus...
Kunle Onime...proudly explains what Root FM has as focus...

The proprietor of the very first reggae music radio station in Nigeria, Roots 97.1FM, Mr Kunle Onime has given more reasons why he made the unusually unique decision.

The entertainment wizard whose submissions were monitored by PMParrot on his Facebook page emphasized that he is quite aware of the challenges ahead and is, therefore, ready to surmount all by ‘Jah’s grace’.

Onime wrote: “When you say I have been successful, I begin to wonder what you mean, for me, success is relative, it’s difficult to say I am successful in today’s Nigeria, even when Alhaji Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa is hustling, I will be crazy to claim to be successful …..the struggle continues all the same.”

Kunle Onime...the Roots FM Radioman...
Kunle Onime…the Roots FM Radioman…

He wrote further on why he is focused on reggae music, “I am sure we know that Reggae today, according to UNESCO has been recognized as universal music, acceptable by all, so why not reggae?

“I have been involved with Reggae music all my life, Reggae music is life, it talks about one love and unity, there is nothing on earth you want to talk about without a trace or link to a reggae tune.

“There could be over 100 Radio stations, this is the first dedicated Reggae music station, for your information, almost all the Radio stations allocate time to play Reggae music , that then means there is a followership for Reggae music, because if there is no followership, they will not allocate time, also every genre of music has a Root with reggae, so Reggae music is it, it actually is long overdue.

“I am completely non-political so it’s not for money or politics, the kit is to fulfill a dream and equally bridge a gap, a gap of oppression of the Reggae community…the excitement in that constituency is unbelievable…Just wait till we finally fully go on air, we are taking the airwaves …just wait.

“The whole idea came from my sojourn with several Artistes, first, my late friend, Ras Kimono, Danny Wilson, Arthur Pepple, late Tina Onwudiwe, and others, you cannot believe the number of people who follow Reggae music in this country and of course outside, it is very huge, my people should just wait, that’s all I can say for now”.

PMParrot gathered that the radio station, now based somewhere between Lagos and Ogun State hopes to extend its roots throughout Nigeria and indeed Africa.

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