Day I Was Almost Killed By A Trigger-Happy Policeman At A Check...

Day I Was Almost Killed By A Trigger-Happy Policeman At A Check Point – Yinka Ayefele

...Dr Yinka Ayefele, MON...
...Dr Yinka Ayefele, MON...
  • Appeals To SouthWest Governors To Tackle Insecurity Seriously

If not for providence, popular musician and radio station owner, Olayinka Joel Ayefele would have been killed by a trigger happy policeman during a recent encounter he had with the law-keeper.

Ayefele made this revelation during a brief interaction with PMParrot on Friday in his Music House Office located at Challenge in Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo State.

According to the talented broadcaster “the set up of the scenario on that day was like a joke. At a point, it almost turned both violent and hilarious.”

Ayefele gave a vivid account: “I can’t immediately remember where I was going on that day. We got to Dandaru, Mokola area of Ibadan and there was this Police Check point. The officers there were asking all occupants of vehicles to come down. When it got to our turn, they asked me to come down. I politely told the officer about my condition.

“Apparently, the officer did not believe me and perhaps, did not know me, so, he insisted I must get down. I then told Saheed, my driver, ‘please, bring my wheelchair from the booth of the car’. The officer got further enraged after I dished out this instruction to my driver.

“The next thing I knew was that he forcefully opened the door next to me and started tugging and pulling my cloths in an attempt to drag me down. The people watching the scenario then intervened at this point.

“To cut a long story short, we found ourselves at the Area Command at Testing Ground, Iwo Road. When we got there, the officer we met a lady officer at the counter. After hearing my story, she blamed me.

“You may wish to know why she blamed me – she said I was speaking too much English Grammar to the officer that assaulted me. She said I should not have told him I was on ‘wheelchair’! She insinuated that the said officer definitely did not know the meaning of ‘wheelchair’. We eventually settled the matter and we all became friends.”

The ace musician, however, used the opportunity to admonish the Federal Government and specifically, all the governors of Yoruba-speaking states to handle the issue of insecurity with all seriousness.

His words “the problem of insecurity is fast getting out of hands. Our governors in all Yoruba-speaking states need to do more than the usual. It has to be controlled. We are a people who cherish our security.

“That kidnappers are everywhere in Yorubaland is real. Almost all the time on my programmes, we have had to interview live, people who were kidnapped and they have all been pointing accusing fingers at Fulani bandits. Our governments need to move fast before it really gets out of hand.

“For us at Fresh FM Radio Station, we will continue to do our best. We are not interested in creating panic, but then, we will report the news the way it is professionally.”

Ayefele who now runs his Fresh FM Radio in Ibadan and Abeokuta has already started test running the Ado Ekiti Station.

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