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Read What Adewusi, Postmaster General Told Workers On May Day

Dr Ismail Adebayo Adewusi
Dr Ismail Adebayo Adewusi

The Postmaster General of the Federation, Dr. Ismail Adebayo Adewusi has reminded staff of the postal agency that they can create a global postal organisation of their dream if they are committed to the ideals.

In a special May Day message on Sunday addressed to NIPOST workers across the country, Adewusi said the choices workers of any organisation make have direct impacts on the performance and positioning of the oraganisation.

In the message personally signed by him, Adewusi stated, “As a postal service delivery organization, we are very well-positioned to become the best in Africa and one of best in the world. This goal is achievable if we choose to stay focus on our daily decisions that will take to the place of fulfilment.”

He reminded NIPOST workers that the pace of change in the delivery business has accelerated in such a manner that NIPOST could not afford to be left behind.

“In the last two years, our successes depended on strategies that continually strengthened our core mandate,” he stated in his May Day message.

The Postmaster General recalled that on assumption of office, the speed with which NIPOST was to operate was slowed down by the coronavirus pandemic.

He stated, “The world had, subsequently, witnessed a significant challenge that affected businesses and altered our ways of life.

“Considering the uncertainty of the time, staying united, as we have done, was the assurance that we had, and the hope that we would overcome the difficult time, driven by our sense of responsibility, our utmost choice to operate with optimism, a commitment to discipline and dedication to our valued customers and the community we operate in.”

He explained that within the context of new innovations that NIPOST has embarked upon, the workers should be determined to find the breaks in the previous and current situations to improve the way we they serve the public by remaining a progressive organization.

He said being able to anticipate the changing needs of customers and adapting as quickly as possible to a competitive and evolving marketplace remain key objectives.

The Postmaster General reminded staff that the recent restructuring of the agency was done to achieve greater efficiency adding that “Within this context, I urge all Directors and General Managers to tighten their seat belts as this flight takes off, have a perspective of hope, and be determined to work tirelessly for the development of the new NIPOST.”

He said under his watch, NIPOST would:

  • Invest in the future of the Postal Service, by creating the best opportunities for long-term growth and profitability. It means investing in training and development, in product and service innovations, in our systems and processes and improving our use of technology. It also means making long overdue improvements to our infrastructures, including upgrading and deploying advanced package sorting equipment.
  • Increase the pace of innovation. There will be greater focus on innovation, with designs to test new delivery offerings, invest greatly in procuring cutting edge tools to better meet the digital and mobile expectations of our customers.
  • We will develop strategies to better engage and empower employees. As we fully leverage the potentials of technology, we want to give you more flexibility and problem-solving tools to deliver greater value to our customers. To best compete for customers, we will need to become more entrepreneurial at every level of the organization. Training and retraining of staff, upgrading of Nigerian Postal Service to international standard to enhance human capacity development has also become the focal point of this administration.

• We will also build the most efficient and productive network to support our products and growth. Leveraging on technology to make NIPOST the largest hub for e-commerce, with increased capacity for last mile delivery.

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