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S’Court Victory: Former-Postmaster General, Adewusi Salutes Tinubu

Dr. Ismail Adebayo Adewusi
Dr. Ismail Adebayo Adewusi

Former Postmaster General of the Federation, Dr. Ismail Adebayo Adewusi has assured Nigerians that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu possesses the Midas touch to turn the economy of the country around as he settles down to confront what he called the daunting economic challenges facing the country.

Adewusi, who was congratulating Tinubu on the decision of the Supreme Court which finally confirmed him winner of the February 2023 election, said with the hurdles of litigations out of his way, he is confident Tinubu will fully commence the task of economic recovery.

The former Postmaster General of the Federation, who was also Tinubu’s Commissioner for Finance in Lagos, said as an economist, he is never in doubt over the capacity of the President to face challenges headlong.

“There is an antecedent to refer to. Nigerians should not forget that Lagos came out of the very debilitating seizure of its revenue allocations by the Federal Government at the time to arm-twist our government into abandoning the creation of more council areas in the state.

“Rather than submit to dictatorship of the Centre, the Tinubu administration went ahead, became more ingenious and before Nigerians knew it, we had surmounted the financial challenges of the time. The commendable revenue generation of today in Lagos started from that challenging time when it appeared all hopes were lost,” Adewusi said in his statement.

The former Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Postal Services, said already, the President has moved courageously in taking some steps that, though may seem hard now, would eventually free Nigerians from economic hardship.

“You cannot make an omelette without breaking an egg. There are policies already in place which may seem to be creating burdens for Nigerians now. But these are some of the courageous steps that must be taken to eventually set Nigeria free from economic bondage. “The reality is that Nigeria had been run under what we call voodoo economic system over the decades; never allowing the economic and market realities to control our spendings and everyone just embarks on jamborees. Now is the time to priotise according to economic realities. By the time the gains of the decisions would manifest, Nigerians would realise that for once, they have elected a truly courageous leader,” Adewusi added.

He also called on those who have challenged Tinubu in court to put personal interests aside and think of the common good of Nigeria as a whole.

Adewusi said, “In truth, we must commend those who have challenged Asiwaju Tinubu’s victory in court because in a way, they have helped to deepen democracy. But having explored all constitutional means to upturn the result of the election, it is more patriotic at this time to offer their useful ideas for the good of all us.”

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