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Tinubu’s Push For Local Govts’ Autonomy Gets Reps’ Backing

President Bola Tinubu
President Bola Tinubu

The House of Representatives has expressed its readiness to support President Bola Tinubu’s push to grant independence to local governments, a move targeted at enhancing democratic governance at the grassroots level.

The deputy spokesman of the House, Philip Agbese, said Speaker Tajudeen Abbas is “fully committed” to supporting the President’s constitutional reform agenda aimed at sustaining democracy in Nigeria across all tiers of government.

Last week, the Federal Government dragged the 36 state governors before the Supreme Court, seeking the enforcement of full autonomy for local governments.

Among the injunctions the government is urging the apex court to issue is an order prohibiting state governors from embarking on the unilateral, arbitrary and unlawful dissolution of democratically elected local government chairmen, and constituting caretaker committees to succeed them.

Speaking to journalists in Abuja on Sunday, Agbese said, “Granting autonomy to local governments is a vital step towards empowering our communities and ensuring effective service delivery.

“We believe this reform will promote transparency, accountability, and good governance at the local level. The Speaker and the House are eager to work with the executive arm to make it a reality.

“The move aligns with the Legislative Agenda of the 10th House to promote good governance and empower the grassroots. Local governments are the closest tier of government to the people, and their autonomy is crucial for effective service delivery, economic development, and democratic growth.”

Explaining the benefit of a reformed administration at the grassroots level, the lawmaker said, “By granting financial autonomy to local governments, we aim to enhance their capacity to respond to unique challenges and needs; promote transparency, accountability, and good governance; unlock their potential for economic growth and development and strengthen the bond between citizens and government.

“It would also ensure inclusive and participatory decision-making processes, foster grassroots development and community engagement, reduce poverty and improve living standards.

“We recognise the importance of local governments in providing basic services like healthcare, education, and sanitation. We also acknowledge their role in promoting local economic development and job creation; maintaining law and order, and ensuring public safety while building and maintaining critical infrastructure”.

“We urge all stakeholders to join us in this historic endeavour to decentralise power and revitalise our democracy. We reaffirm our commitment to the principles of federalism, democracy, and good governance, and we are confident that local government autonomy will strengthen our democratic foundations, enhance the quality of life for citizens and promote national unity and cohesion.”

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