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Linda Ikeji To Ladies: Focus On Achieving Financial Independence

Linda Ikeji

Prominent blogger, Linda Ikeji has urged women to pursue financial independence and self-reliance.

Sharing her thoughts on Instagram, accompanied by photos of herself in one of her luxurious cars, Ikeji emphasized that women should strive to be as successful and wealthy as men, rather than depending on their benevolence.

She encouraged women to be fearless, strong, determined, and graceful, and to work hard to achieve their goals.

Highlighting the importance of financial independence, Linda described it as a superpower that enables women to make their own choices and live life on their own terms.

She shared her personal aspirations of being able to afford anything she wants without relying on a man and providing the best life possible for her children independently.

Linda wrote: “Dear young lady, I hear you! If that’s how you see life and want to live life, it’s your choice! To each h@s own. As for me, I’d rather be as rich as those men who must pay me for being beautiful. Being rich is not the birthright of men alone. I’d rather be their contemporary than waiting for their handouts.

“I know many believe it’s a man’s world; maybe it is, but with fearlessness, strength, determination, and grace, women can dominate and thrive in it. So, instead of waiting for men’s charity, I’d rather start early to fight for my dreams, build my business (es), break boundaries, and if God allows, shatter tables.

“I want to get to a point in my life where I can get myself anything I want that money can buy without having to beg or sleep with any man to get it. I want to go into a store, see a $60k Cartier watch that I love and pay for it, instead of wondering which man I’ll call and plotting all the things I will say and do to get him to buy it for me.

“I know that my greatest superpower as a woman is being financially independent, as this will give me the choice to live life on my own terms, date or marry whoever my heart wants and walk away when it no longer serves me, instead of being forced to stick with a man I can no longer stand because I can’t stand on my own.

“I want when a man comes into my life, no matter how rich he is, for his money to be a bonus and not my only source of livelihood. And as he gives to me, which I will happily collect, I will give to him in return.

“I want to dress as sexy as I like and enter any place without a man walking up to me and asking how much it will cost to take me home for the night because he knows who the F I is… a boss babe with her own business as rich as he is or maybe even richer!

“Seriously, I’d rather, if God forbid I end up with a deadbeat, be able to give my child(ren) the absolute best life without having to be at the mercy of a scornful & bitter ex.

“With all humility, I refuse for the quality of my life to be dependent on the benevolence of men. I want the protection, power, and security that comes with having my own money. But like I said in the beginning, that’s just me!”

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