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Hijrah 1446: Asiwaju Adini, Hassan Giwa Charges Muslims To Remain Steadfast Irrespective Of Challenges

Asiwaju Adini Musulumi of Ibadanland, Arc (Dr.) Hassan Olawale Giwa
Asiwaju Adini Musulumi of Ibadanland, Arc (Dr.) Hassan Olawale Giwa

The Asiwaju Adini Musulumi of Ibadan Land, Arc Hassan Olawale Giwa has charged Muslim ummah to remain steadfast in the course of propagating Islam irrespective of challenges facing the country.

Arc Giwa gave the charge while congratulating Muslim in Ibadan, Oyo State and all over Nigeria as they usher in the new Islamic year, Hijrah 1446.

Sunday, July 7 is the first day of the month Muharram marking the commencement of Islamic new year.

The Founder of Hassan Olawale Giwa (HOG) Foundation disclosed that it is very glaring that challenges in the country are enormous enough to destabilize ones faith if he or she is not strongly committed and upholding the doctrines and principles of Islam as established in the holy Quran.

He listed high rate of unemployment, extreme poverty, chronic hunger, insecurity, corruption and bad leadership among others as challenges militating against the positive progress and development of Nigeria.

Asiwaju Adini Musulumi of Ibadan Land, however, said that those challenges are surmountable only if Nigerians are ready to follow the path of the Almighty Allah, show genuine love to one another and demonstrate true loyalty and high sense of patriotism to our dear father land Nigeria.

Arc Giwa enjoined Muslim ummah to relate the present situation in the country to the migration of Prophet Muhammed (SAW) from Mecca to Medina, which he said was characterized by challenges and tribulations and at the end of the day, He came out victorious.

He implored them not to be deterred, rather they should remain steadfast and courageous, saying that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

The renowned philanthropist urged them to continue to proclaim and propagate the course they believe in, which is Islam, the religion of peace.

Asiwaju Adini also appealed to Islamic scholars and preachers in the country not to relent in speaking the truth to the people at the helms of affairs.

He said that it is the only avenue to recall them to retrace the their steps when they are taking wrong steps.

While calling on the ulamas to use this year Hijrah to pray for the nation, Arc Hassan Giwa urged the government at all levels to continue to maintain inter-religious harmony to forge a better society.

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