My Mother Taught Me To Cut My Cloth According To My Size–Muyiwa...

My Mother Taught Me To Cut My Cloth According To My Size–Muyiwa Ademola

Muyiwa Ademola
Muyiwa Ademola

“My mother taught me many moral lessons in life. She taught me many important aspects of life and in particular, how to become successful.

“In fact, my entire career has always been about my mum. The help and assistance she rendered to me is in-quantifiable. She taught me to cut my cloth according to my size, meaning that I should not be overambitious and I should not bite more than I can chew.

“My mother always emphasized that I should take care of my wife and family and that before anything, my family should come first. She charged me to be a very good husband to my wife and father to my kids.

“She was not the type that pampers children; for any silly mistake, she disciplined us. My mother didn’t tolerate nonsense from any angle .Whenever we offended her, she punished us as if she wasn’t our mother.”

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