Ajimobi Is Oyo’s Most Misunderstood Governor Ever – Architect Hassan Giwa

Ajimobi Is Oyo’s Most Misunderstood Governor Ever – Architect Hassan Giwa

Senator Abiola Ajimobi
Senator Abiola Ajimobi

Governor Abiola Adeyemi Ajimobi of Oyo State has been described as the ‘most misunderstood Governor’ in the history of the state. The Chief Executive Officer of Amron Global Services Limited, Architect Hassan Olawale Giwa made this assertion recently during an interaction with PMParrot

Giwa, a graduate of the Federal University of Technology, Minna who also bagged a Certificate in Intelligent Building Engineering from the University of Reading, UK affirmed that “we have had Governors but Governor Ajimobi has displayed a wealth of wisdom that has culminated in the transformation of Oyo State, through the many laudable achievements he has recorded.”

Architect Giwa, the Baba Adini of Lagun said the Governor has so far demonstrated enviable leadership traits through which he shows that challenges can indeed be surmounted.

Likening Governor Ajimobi to the Captain of a ship and an agent of change, he said “people misunderstand him for so many reasons but you will find out that his main critics are people who have not studied him well. And many of those who oppose him simply criticize him because they want to be heard”.

Speaking further, Giwa said “Governor Ajimobi is an advocate of godliness and culture. Some people will ask why he stresses the need to celebrate Culture Day every year. The truth is that he is succeeding in helping us to make sure the younger generation imbibes our culture. Let’s not deceive ourselves; we have lost so much of our traditional values to Westernization.  When you do things according to Yoruba culture, you cannot go wrong”.

He stated that godliness, good conduct, respect for elders and those in authority are all embedded in Yoruba culture. “Is that not better than the culture of greed, selfishness which are badly affecting our society?” he asked.

“The Governor was speaking somewhere some years ago and he said disrespect for elders and constituted authority, cursing or wishing our elders bad luck as we witness nowadays were not part of our heritage , how can you fault that?” Architect Giwa queried. “Yorubas were their brothers’ keepers, the Governor is damn right”, he fired.

He would also not spare those who mockingly refer to Senator Ajimobi as Constituted Authority. “Okay, if the Governor is not the constituted authority in the state, then tell me who is. He is the head of government for God’s sake and in case you don’t know, there is a constituted authority at every level. Even in every family, there is one, so what are they talking about? People just want to talk. Can any of us live in a state where there is no constituted authority? No one will enjoy it. It will be a state of utter lawlessness, a state of anarchy. Don’t even pray for it to happen.”

He also pointed out that “the two Holy Books advise us to pray for our leaders. So tell me how one can ever want to live without constituted authority when God Himself sanctions it”.

Speaking further, he said “no matter what anyone says, Governor Ajimobi’s place in history is guaranteed and he has cemented it with his sterling performance as Governor. I can boldly say he is the best Governor Oyo State has had since the return to democratic rule in 1999. In addition, I will say here that Ajimobi is a man specially created by God. Such people are few”.

When asked for clarification on what he terms ‘performance’, Architect Giwa’s response was “which other Governor can boast of touching lives across the state like Governor Ajimobi? I know in Itesiwaju Local Government, he attracted an agro-allied firm that specializes in cassava cultivation to produce ethanol, starch and other cassava related goods. Apart from the industrialization effect, Itesiwaju people will be employed. That is just in one local government and in one sector; no local government can claim to have been left out – and this includes Lagelu LGA where I am from and this is where I have my roots too. We have been enjoying the governor’s support and assistance”.

Not done, Giwa said “criticize as much as you want, if you will be sincere, one question you should ask yourself is ‘was Oyo State this peaceful before the Ajimobi administration came on board?’ The answer is no. No one wanted to invest then and those who had investments were afraid.  In 2017, Oyo rose to the 5th position on the list of investor friendly states drawn by the National Bureau of Statistics.”

He spoke on the Governor’s achievements in the health, education and environmental sectors. “Access to health care has increased. At least his government designed over 1,400 health centres and he introduced the Oyo State Model Education System Intervention which is helping to re-position Oyo State to its position as pacesetter. The establishment of Nigeria’s First Technical University is also there. I am telling you, this man has seen the future and that is why he is trying to put Oyo State students ahead. With that university, he is positioning the youths of the state for opportunities to come. The rivers that cause flooding all the time are receiving attention through Ibadan Urban Flood Management Project (IUFMP). Many of such rivers have been dredged and this exercise is still continuing”.

Architect Giwa, who described Governor Ajimobi as a great manager of relationships disagreed with insinuations that the Governor moved against Fresh FM and its management. “The building flouted the laws of the land. We are talking about rules being flouted here. The Governor is human and humane. At least I know that about him. Let me give you an example, the case of a student of Bishop Philips Academy was mentioned on radio some time ago and the Governor intervened. The anchor of the programme confirmed that the Governor took action immediately.

On another occasion, I remember Edmund Obilo went to the Governor’s office and when he was leaving, the Governor did not just see him to the door, he accompanied him downstairs to the main door. Even his security men were shocked when he decided to see Obilo to where he parked his car outside the Governor’s office. How many Governors do that? The Fresh FM Issue was purely misconceived by the public. Thank God things have been straightened out”.

Meet Hassan Olawale Giwa, A Philanthropic Minded Architect

As an Entrepreneur, Architect Hassan Olawale Giwa is a man of many parts; he is a registered, licensed and chartered architect, project manager, auctioneer, educationist, businessman and philanthropist.

Over the past 12 years, he has proved his mettle as a man who is staggeringly knowledgeable about business. He runs not less than eight companies; including Amron Global Services Limited, Skyheights Academy and Educational Centre Limited, Asterlinks Development Limited and Homebridge Nigeria Limited. We can say here that his Star Heights Coat where he manufactures paint is important to him so much.

Architect Hassan Olawale Giwa
Architect Hassan Olawale Giwa

His international connections and different degrees in Architecture, Intelligent Building and Construction Contracts notwithstanding, Architect Giwa has undeniable influence which is felt even more at the grassroots. In recognition of his goodness, he was conferred with the title, Otun Ola of Lagun, Lagelu Local Government Area of Oyo State while the Muslims in the same Community honoured him with the title of Baba Adini. The honours are no doubt well deserved; his Hassan Giwa Empowerment Scheme has been touching lives since 2006.

Architect Giwa has gone from providing uniforms to students in impoverished communities to sponsoring candidates for WAEC and NECO examinations as well as the provision of rotational loans for farmers among other philanthropic gestures.

A firm believer in the Nigerian project and the production of highly skilled graduates and professionals, Giwa, of his own volition, renovates schools and facilitates skill acquisition and empowerment schemes.

Though Architect Giwa, who is a member of the Architectural Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON), the Nigerian Environmental Society (NES) and the Project Management Institute is quiet, his philanthropic attribute gives him an insistent voice that continually pushes for a better placed Nigeria and a developmentally unrestricted Oyo State.

This illustrious son of Ibadanland, a great Nigerian attended Omolewa Nursery & Primary School after which he proceeded to Bishop Phillips Academy for his secondary education. He later attended the Federal University of Technology in Minna, Niger State as well as the University of Reading in the United Kingdom.

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