I’m Fully Set To Take Over Nigeria’s Music Industry – Prince Tee

I’m Fully Set To Take Over Nigeria’s Music Industry – Prince Tee

Prince Tee
Prince Tee...ready to take over...

This is a man who has shown signs that he will reach the greatest height – call him one of the brilliant, talented and energetic upcoming artist in Nigeria and you will not be wrong. Prince Adeyemi  Tomiwa Victor popularly known as Prince Tee in the music industry is one of the few Nigerian youths who follow their dreams passionately despite the situation of the country. Prince Tee who paid a visit to ParrotXtra Magazine’s corporate office had an interview with OLUDOTUN AJIBOLA and OMOTOYOSI JESULEYE where he revealed his plans and passion for music. Excerpts:

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I am Prince Adeyemi  Tomiwa Victor, I was born into the royal family of Adeyemi in Iwara, State of Osun, Nigeria, we are three in number, all boys, and fortunately I happen to be the second child. I grew up in the State of Osun but later I moved to Lagos State, I spent some time in Lagos before I finally settled down in Ibadan where I am currently living.

Tell us more about your educational background?

I started my educational career at Montessory Nursery and primary school, Ijegun, Lagos, and later proceeded to St. Anthony Grammar School, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State for my primary and secondary education. I went to Osun State College of Technology, Esa-Oke where I obtained a National Diploma in Business Administration.

Are you considering going back to school?

No, I don’t see myself going back to school. This is because the main reason of going to school is to have financial capacity to take care of oneself and the family. It is still the same thing when you have all the certificates you will need to find job at the end of everything, so why can’t I be committed to my hustle and be what I want to be. Honestly, I don’t really belief in certificate.

You studied business administration and now you are a musician, why music?

Yeah, you see my brother; education is on one side and talent also is on the other side, I think it is better for me with God-given talent to pursue my career with that talent rather than to disturb myself following the path of education. Apart from that, I was forced to study Business Administration by my dad. Left to me, I would not have gone for my Diploma, I did not fancy certificate like I said earlier, it is because of what has been in operation in the country, you go to school and become graduate you will still continue to search for job, in which you may not get a desired one. But, your talent cannot fail you once you are determined and dedicated.

What actually led you into music?

God bless you. I used to be a dancer – that was where I was pursuing my career before a friend of mine invited me to follow him to the studio where he used to engage in recording. When we got there, that my friend asked me to try and drop a verse of a certain song, I wanted to dodge it but he insisted. Though, I was like wow, but in the long run I dropped my part. The comments by the people encouraged me, because many of them said that what I did was even more than that of my singer friend. So, that is how the journey started.

So, when exactly did you start singing professionally?

I started professionally in the year 2011; I was still a student then, the school was on strike, the normal thing in the Nigeria’s educational system. I give thanks to those who supported me, my friends at Osun State College of Technology (OSCOTECH). They actually made me strong and believed in my ability.

What kind of music you are into?

I sing Afro Hip Hop style of music.

How many tracks you have recorded since you started?

Thank God, so far so good, I have dropped more than eight tracks. In fact I will be launching my new extended play record EP to be precise here in Ibadan and the EP is 5-6 back to back banging songs. It is going to be fun all the way.

Talking about your just concluded EP launch, why did you tag it Journey to stardom?

There are many reasons that brought about ‘Journey to stardom’, but let me just be brief – immediately I finished my National Diploma at Osun State College of Technology, Esa-Oke and I started searching for job, unfortunately, I couldn’t get one, then I considered to promote my music without anybody being there to support me simply because they did not believe in my project, thinking that I was not serious. That is why I stayed with my hustle with hope and determination that I will get to the top of my career.

As an upcoming artist, what are the challenges you are going through?

You see my brother, I have gone through a lot, but I thank God that things are getting better. Before, I used to beg people for performance, tip some DJ’s and doing a kind of lobby but things have actually changed regarding to that and I give glory to God almighty.

Have you ever performed outside Nigeria?

Yes, I have performed in United Arab Emirates (UAE), I have been to Kenya to perform and also, I have traveled to Ethiopia to perform. This is just the beginning, we are just coming up and I believe with time, we shall get there.

What is your next plan?

My plan is to embark on massive promotion for my songs, I really want to start from here in Ibadan and then to other parts of the country. I believe if I can be a known artists here in Ibadan, it will be easier to roll with other artists in Lagos or anywhere in Africa.

You have traveled out of the country through music, when you compare Nigerian music to that of some other countries, what will you say is different?

There is no way you can compare Nigerian music with any other country, we are the best in the whole of Africa, our style of music is the best and many of these countries do copy our styles, to me Nigerian music is simply the best.

What Is Your Relationship With Other Upcoming Artist in Ibadan

If you attend my EP launching, you will see that I have a very cordial relationship with so many artist here in Ibadan and Lagos. I was really overwhelmed with their support, but I must also say this – we artist really need to support ourselves and stop unnecessary beef, let us support our selves and keep growing, the sky is big enough for everyone to shine.

Where should we be expecting Prince Tee in the next 5 years?

By God’s grace I want to be a brand to be reckoned with in the music industry, and by that time I want to be of help to many upcoming and talented artists to achieve their dreams.

What is your advice for other upcoming artists?

My candid advice is that they should be respectful and be prayerful, aside from these two things, they should also imbibe the habit of hard work because that is one of those things that can take someone to the greater heights in life.