Ramadan: Osun COP 3 Salutes Muslims

Ramadan: Osun COP 3 Salutes Muslims


The Osun State branch of the Coalition of Progressive Political Parties (Osun COP 3) has congratulated Muslims on the beginning of this year’s Ramadan season.

In a message issued by the Chairman, Wole Adedoyin and Secretary, Elder Adeloye Ogunmodede extended their warm greetings and said the teachings of the Holy Quran have shaped the lives of people over the ages since the advent of Prophet. “During this fasting period, let us redeem our pledge to respect the dignity of man, the sanctity of life and the solemnity of all faiths,” the message said.

The message further recalled that Islam preaches about the need for harnessing the human potential for the welfare and development of all and exhorted people to rededicate themselves for living a healthy and clean life.

“This month of Ramadan symbolises an environment of peace, harmony and equality, besides emphasising on charity. Ramadan fasting signifies disciplined life, unity among the people and rendering help to the poor and needy.

Leaders of the Osun State branch on the Coalition of Progressive Political Parties (Osun COP3) finally extended  their warm greetings to all the Muslim faithfuls.

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